Why join WikiIdea?

WikiIdea is a membership-based community. Only members can post ideas and comments. Membership is free to everyone, and members can create an anonymous username, to use when engaging with the WikiIdea website.

How do I contact WikiIdea?


(540) 268-0464
WikiIdea LLC
3419 N. Abingdon St.
Arlington, VA 22207

Who can submit ideas?

Anyone with a good idea is encouraged to submit it. You don't have to be an expert or specialist in the topic of your idea.

How do I submit an idea?

To submit an idea, click on the "Post Ideas" link in the header. You will be asked to login or join, if you haven't done so already. You can join with an anonymous username, but you must be logged in to post an idea.

Can I submit ideas anonymously?

Yes. When you join WikiIdea, simply create an anonymous username, like "ideaperson."

How are ideas moderated?

Moderators screen ideas using broad criteria, which are explained in the next section. In addition, moderators edit ideas for clarity and length.

What kinds of ideas are appropriate?

WikiIdea's focus is on practical ideas—ideas that provide economic benefits and/or social value.

Within the broad category of useful ideas, WikiIdea is a place for virtually any type of idea, such as ideas for:

  • a new product or service
  • an improvement to an existing product or service
  • an improvement in a process
  • a public-sector innovation
  • a new approach to a social problem

The idea can apply to the business, nonprofit or government sectors.

The idea can be in any stage of development:

  • The idea can identify a problem or opportunity.
  • The idea can be a partly developed way to solve a problem or exploit an opportunity.
  • The idea can be a fully-developed, implementable way to solve a problem or exploit an opportunity.

Although ideas do not need to be completely original, ideas that are already widely known are not appropriate.

WikiIdea is not an appropriate place for ideas that primarily involve value judgments, such as people with $400,000+ incomes should pay higher taxes. Instead, WikiIdea focuses on practical ideas that improve things or make the world work better.

WikiIdea rejects offensive ideas and ideas whose implementation would be illegal or otherwise harmful.

Moderators screen ideas before they are posted.

How many ideas can I submit?

You are free to submit as many ideas as you'd like. WikiIdea encourages users to submit multiple ideas.

Who decides which channel an idea is assigned to?

Moderators assign ideas to appropriate channels. If we don't yet have a channel into which your idea fits, we'll create a new channel, and your idea will be the first entry

How are ideas organized?

Ideas are grouped into broad categories called channels. Examples of channels are Software and Motor Vehicles. The channels page lists all current channels. WikiIdea continuously adds channels as ideas are submitted that don't fit into existing channels.

How do I find ideas on a particular topic?

Follow these steps to find ideas on a particular topic.

  • Go to the channels page. The channels page has WikiIdea's current list of channels.
  • Browse the page for the channel (or channels) that encompasses your area of interest.
  • Click on the channel name to go to that channel.
  • Browse the ideas in that channel and click on the ones that you wish to explore.

If you can't find a channel that encompasses your area of interest, check back later. WikiIdea constantly adds channels as ideas are submitted that don't fit into existing channels.

Please note that, in the future, WikiIdea plans to add a search feature.

How do I submit a comment?

To submit a comment, you need to login or join WikiIdea. Then, on any idea page, simply fill in the "Add a Comment" box just below the idea description, and click "Save".

How do I contact someone who posts an idea?

Click the "Contact the Idea Originator" button on the left side of the idea page, and a message box appears. WikiIdea will email your message to the idea originator.

General Disclaimer

WikiIdea is a public forum. Persons, businesses or organizations may use ideas posted on WikiIdea without compensating the idea originators or anyone else.

You may wish to withhold proprietary ideas, or ideas that you plan to commercialize. However, it’s fine to share such ideas, if you wish to do so.

WikiIdea hopes that good things happen as a result of posting your idea. However, WikiIdea bears no responsibility if harmful consequences, either direct or indirect, occur.

WikiIdea screens ideas

WikiIdea normally screens ideas before they are posted to determine if they are appropriate for WikiIdea.

WikiIdea reserves the right to reject any idea, including good ideas, that WikiIdea feels are not appropriate for the WikiIdea website.

WikiIdea may edit ideas and comments for clarity and length in order to improve communication and enhance user experience.

WikiIdea reserves the right to delete ideas or parts of ideas after they have been posted. WikiIdea also reserves the right to delete comments.

Despite the caveats in the foregoing discussion, WikiIdea encourages people to submit ideas and comments.

People you meet through WikiIdea

WikiIdea advises that you use normal caution in dealing with people that you meet through WikiIdea—in both online and offline interactions. Users may wish to use the Internet and other resources to obtain background information.

Entrepreneurs seeking funding: Please note that the focus of WikiIdea is not to provide a place for entrepreneurs to raise capital. Kindly do not state in the description of your idea that you seek funding.

It is OK, however, to indicate that you are seeking advice and/or partners and that you welcome emails (which WikiIdea will forward to you). You can, of course, discuss funding or anything else with people who contact you—though it may be advisable to consult your attorney first.

Investors: Please note that the focus of WikiIdea is not to promote investments in startups or other ventures. WikiIdea does not screen ideas for risk and investment potential, nor does WikiIdea investigate idea originators.

Investors can send emails (via WikiIdea) to idea originators requesting additional information. Any financing discussion should take place directly between investors and idea originators, and not on WikiIdea.

Investors seeking opportunities are advised to proceed cautiously and exercise due diligence.


WikiIdea does not share your personal information with anyone, except as discussed in the following paragraphs.

WikiIdea does not currently ask for (optional) profile information, but may do so in the future.

If you so choose, you may answer profile questions. The main purpose of the profile questions is to obtain an overview of our members. Information about our members will help us improve the site.

In the future, WikiIdea may have onsite advertising. With your permission, WikiIdea may anonymously make your profile information (which you have the option not to provide) available for the purpose of onsite advertising on only—so that advertisers can place ads that are relevant to you. For example, a maker of programming tools may wish to target computer software professionals.

Your profile information will never be shared — even anonymously — with third parties for use outside the WikiIdea site. Third parties include advertising networks, such as DoubleClick.