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An audio warning when an automobile reaches or exceeds a specified speed

Most roads have speed limits. A driver must remember to frequently look at the speedometer to check the car’s speed. Failure to do so at the wrong moment may result in a costly speeding violation. Speeding violations are especially a concern with speed cameras.

This idea proposes a way to help the driver avoid speeding. The driver specifies a speed at which a warning sound occurs. For example, if the driver wished to avoid speeds of 31 mph or higher, the driver might specify that the alarm sounds at 29 mph. Perhaps the driver enters the warning speed in a digital keypad.

In addition to helping the driver avoid tickets, the driver would be less distracted, because the driver would not need to frequently look at the speedometer.

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  1. Rasheq Rahman

    April 18, 2014

    Several smartphone apps already do this. (e.g.Navigon app)