Glen Homan, Founder & CEO

Glen Homan believes that useful, innovative ideas are often lost, and conceived of WikiIdea to solve that problem. An experienced entrepreneur, Homan founded, a retail ecommerce site offering a curated collection of fine greeting cards. Glen has a patent on technology that empowers online shoppers to browse greeting cards 5x faster than in stores or at websites without the technology. Earlier, Glen bought a nearly bankrupt chain of galleries selling prints, posters and custom framing. He turned the company around, expanded, and sold it to a public company. Homan has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a BA from Yale University.

Rasheq Rahman, Advisor

Rasheq Rahman helped to create WikiIdea because he found that he often had great ideas but not the ability to execute on them. He built the website because he wanted to share these ideas publicly so that the best ideas would became real products, services and social innovations. Rasheq is a serial entrepreneur with experience establishing new business lines and growing teams at startup companies and major multinational firms. He was previously a Vice President at KBC Financial Products where he helped to establish the firm's insurance derivatives and credit derivatives business lines and an analyst at Goldman Sachs. He is currently a Senior Advisor at IBM where he analyzes opportunities in the Federal IT sector. Rasheq holds an MBA in Strategy and Management from Yale and a BA in Economics from the University of Chicago.